Butter Up Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use Butter Up?

Butter Up is designed for safe use before, during and after tattoos. The natural antioxidants and healing properties mean its great to use straight after getting your fresh tattoo. Not only made for fresh tattoos, you can use it daily for years after getting your tattoo, it will keep your skin nourished and prevent your tattoo from fading over time. It's great as a general all over body butter too

Are there any allergens in Butter Up?
Nope, don't need them so didn't add them. Actually, there are no toxins or irritants either.

What are the main ingredients in Butter Up?
Cocoa butter, Avocado oil, Sunflower seed oil, Olive oil & Coconut oil.

I have sensitive skin - is it safe?
So we are allergen, toxin and irritant free. But if you have any concerns or have sensitive skin, as usual, test on a small patch of skin first to allay any concerns.

Can I buy Butter Up in store?
You can get Butter Up here on our website or on Amazon for rapid delivery. We are available to purchase across a selection of London tattoo shops too, but they might expect you to get a tattoo first!

Does Butter Up test on animals?
No way! Butter Up Tattoo Care is cruelty-free.

What is your returns policy?
If you are not satisfied with the product please email us at within 14 days of receipt. You must pay the cost of returning goods, unless of course the product is faulty or or non-compliant. If you buy from Amazon, they'll sort it all out for you as part of their policy. 

What does it smell like?
We've gone easy on the fragrance, so just a light natural cocoa butter fragrance, with a dash of coconut to keep things fresh. Our customers say the smell is incredible.