Our First Out-of-Home Billboard Campaign

It's an exciting time for Butter Up.

We recently launched our first billboard campaign using our tattooed baby creative on selected premium sites in London. We were lucky enough to get some help from Ocean outdoors and their COVID-19 fund which subsidised what would have been un-affordable costs for a business like ours. 

For us, like anyone in the tattoo industry, we took a hit. Naturally, with tattoos not being allowed, it made immediate aftercare redundant. Our only sales have been coming from those who want to keep their tattoos looking bright and bold and prevent fading. So all being said, we took a hit of around 70%

This campaign is live now as of 10th June 2020 as more people are venturing outside and going back to normality, it's really helped us build our profile and sales are now back to pre lock-down levels. Happy days! 

The creative was decided not only to stand out, but to show you that nappy cream is made for babies bums, not tattoos! Check out the below Amazon review by Nick to show a nappy cream convert in action. 

'I've been using this for two days and honestly I bought it out of curiosity really. I was just using bepanthen from the chemists as that's What I was advised to use by my local tattoo shop. The smell omg it brings to mind tropical islands. and cocktails. It's not greasy as I thought it would be. Prompt delivery too.'

You can check out more amazon reviews here, and if you prefer to use prime, you can buy our products there too.

So you see, you can try it, and if it's not for you, then feel free to revert back (but we don't think you will). We made this for tattoos and that's why we are converting people daily from non-specialised and potentially unsuitable products to our tattoo care that is kind to your tattoos of all sizes and ages. 

We hope you like our ad and keep an eye out for more in the future ;) 

butter up billboard london DOOH

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